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At Prestige Cosmetic Clinic and Organic Aesthetic Spa, we know exactly what our clients are looking for. This is why we can take care of all of the cosmetic and beauty needs of our clients.
Since the health and safety of our clients matters to us, we use completely natural products to mitigate the risk of side effects or other complications in the long run. Additionally, the processes we use are completely safe which means that you can enjoy our services even if you have sensitive skin or skin problems.

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We, at Prestige Cosmetic Clinic and Organic Aesthetic Spa, have years of experience pertaining to cosmetics and aesthetics and our multidisciplinary expertise makes us the best spa in Calgary.

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  • Age spots are one of the most common cosmetic problems which people throughout the world face.

  • Succesful acne treatment is dependant on finding what works best for your skin type.

  • Scarring occurs when the tissues of an area on the skin are damaged and then repaired naturally.



  • We have proven products with natural and organic ingredients and a multitude of facial treatments.

  • We offer many treatment strategies to deliver superior results for acne and acne scars.

  • We are committed to making your cosmetic Botox® treatment the best experience possible and ensuring your satisfaction.


In addition to using completely natural and safe products that won’t harm your skin, we even offer gifts and offers to our valuable clients which keeps them satisfied and coming back for more.
If you, too, would like to enjoy our services, give us a call at +1 403.680.2198 for a professional consultation today!

Prestige Medi Spa

The Goal

Our clinic was started by a group of medical doctors and estheticians whose goal was to create a cosmetic and aesthetic spa that uses effective and non-invasive medical grade technology to promote improved skin rejuvenation and the natural healing process of your body.


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