Winter Magic: Types of Facials and Which one is Good for Winter Skincare

chocolate facial

Facials are great. They’re a brilliant way for people to pamper themselves after a hard stressful week. They are also very effective at revitalizing your skin by hydrating and cleansing. Apart from this, they help with wrinkles, improve skin tone, reduce acne, dryness and blemishes and overall, work to restore the skin.

It does however help to know that sometimes, keeping in mind the kind of skin you have, facials can be seasonal. Some may work better in the hotter, humid summer months while others may be more suited to combat winter dryness. This is because varying weather conditions impact our skin differently!

We’re going to list a few types of facials that we feel would be ideally suited to winter weather. If you’re going to get into some serious winter self pampering, here are some of the best facials to get for winter skincare!

Chocolate Facial

Quickly gaining popularity, this interesting sounding facial is literally what the name states. A mask made with a base of chocolate. It compliments most skin types and is extremely mild. It is a particularly sound choice when it comes to winter facials as it hydrates, nourishes and moisturizes skin among other things!

Seaweed Facial

The nutritionally rich composition of seaweed makes it ideal for individuals looking to add a refreshing glow to their face. These minerals work to clean out any dirt and toxins present in the skin. They are also deep penetrating and serve the dual purpose of skin nourishment.

Hydrating Facial

The hydrating facial is perhaps one of the best options for individuals looking to reduce the effects of winter dryness. Hydrating facials as the name states help to keep your skin hydrated though moisture retention. The result, fresh and full looking skin even in cold dry winter months!

Oxygen Facial

Wrinkles as well as fine lines are usually a result of an oxygen deficit in the skin. This can occur due to aging but also gets triggered by pollutants in the air. Oxygen facials involve an oxygen blast to the skin. This is loaded with minerals and vitamins that along with the oxygen molecules work to rejuvenate!

Aromatherapy Facial

Winters are dry. This causes the skin to itch and get irritated. Aromatherapy facials are brilliant at countering this. Essential oils work to eliminate skin ailments by getting rid of toxins. It also works to cleanse your skin and it a mild facial suited to most if not all skin types.

Skin Brightening Facial

For those who struggle with pigmentation or spots, you would know that these usually get worse during the winter months. This facial is ideal to counter just that. It works by increasing exfoliation and UV protection among other things.


Though loosely speaking, these are the kind of facials you want to go for during the winter months; a qualified esthetician will likely be able to provide more options!

As one of the best spas in Calgary, we carefully assess each client’s skin type to recommend the most suitable facials. If you’re looking into skin rejuvenation treatment options in Calgary, give us a shout! We’d love to pander to your needs!