What You Need To Consider Before Getting Skin Resurfacing Treatment


You’ve probably reached that point in your life where you just want healthy, clear skin! The frustration is real.

You eat healthy, work out and use an 8-step skin regime every night and still don’t have the desired results!

Skin resurfacing treatment has been coined to give you the skin of your dreams. It helps reduce wrinkles, blemishes and acne scarring.

The treatment involves short, concentrated pulses of light at the targeted area. It removes the skin in that area layer by layer to reveal a more even complexion and tighter skin.

resurfacing treatment

Here are some facts about the treatment that you need to know.

Fall’s the time

Our experts have deduced, with their vast experience, that autumn is the best time to receive this treatment. Skin that is exposed to lasers is hypersensitive to sun rays till a year after the therapy is done.

So getting this treatment in the latter part of the year during the winter months is the best as the daytime hours are shorter and the rays of the sun are weaker too in our great white north.  Even though you can’t feel the rays, you have to religiously apply at least a factor thirty sunscreen on your face.

Never hide any of the medication you’re on

It’s vital for the success of your treatment that you are always upfront about medical history. If you have had a history of cold sores or blisters when your skin heats up, you would be more likely to experience breakouts after the treatment.

If you’re already on acne treatments, then the healing time of your laser treatment will be longer. Even common OTC drugs like Aspirin can do such damage. With conditions like diabetes, extra care has to be taken to ensure the healing of your skin.

Keep your mind open to multiple treatments

When planning your whole laser treatment journey, be open to other options.

In some cases, a single sitting does the job; while in other cases, a series of them need to be performed in order to achieve satisfying results. You must trade off your down time between treatments. The results are, however, much more long-lasting.

Prestige Health Group is a medi spa based in Calgary. We have years of experience in skin resurfacing treatments and have the best professionals on board to provide excellent results. Book an appointment with Prestige Health Group and watch your skin age backwards!