What To Expect When Your Skin Starts To Age

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After reaching their20s, people want to hit pause on their aging.

Aging is a natural process that can’t be escaped no matter how many tonics and face lift procedures you go through. However, with proper skin care routine and treatments, you can delay the process.

Here’s what the future has in store for you.

Teen and 20s

After hitting puberty and reaching 20s, your face loses all its baby fat accumulation. Your facial features are enhanced and your skin has a youthful glow. Sadly, during this phase, your motor wrinkles get defined. In simpler words, during this age, you lay down the foundation of your wrinkles. The lines and creases that appear on your skin in your teenage years are sculpted in your face in the years to come.

If you spent your youth playing out in the sun, squinting at a book or deep-diving in the sea, your face will be a tell-tale of all your experiences.

Crow’s feet around the eyes are the first wrinkles that might appear on your face. Around this time, you might also face acne breakout and facial hair growth.

30s and 40s

30s can be a little tough; your skin starts losing its youthful radiance and wrinkles and fine lines become even more prominent. During these years, 11 lines (the lines between your brows) and the nasolabial lines (the triangular area around the mouth) emerge.

Excessive sun exposure may even cause brown spots on the dilated blood vessels on the face. By 40, your smile lines deepen, and you notice frequent discoloured patches on the skin.

50 and above

This is the time when your existing wrinkles deepen, and the skin starts to lose its elasticity. With age, the collagen production of your body slows down, and the skin loses its elasticity.  The facial structure loses its firmness as the fat beneath starts to breakdown. This makes the face look thin and the skin starts to sag. The moisture content in your skin also drops as your body stops producing estrogens with age. Dry skin exacerbates wrinkles and fine lines.

To age gracefully, keep yourself hydrated and use sufficient sun protection. Invest in facial therapist and skin treatment to maintain a healthy skin. And most importantly, take care of your skin from the early stages.

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