The Ultimate Guide To make your facial last longer


Who doesn’t enjoy the feel of their skin once they leave a facial? The soft and cleansed skin is your end of the month treat for working hard.

Those couple of hours while getting the facial not only does wonders to your skin, it rejuvenates you!

If you don’t maintain your skin, it can go back to its post-facial appearance in a couple of week’s time. You can’t let that money go to waste!

Here are some tips to make your facials last longer.

Keep the hands away

It’s irresistible, the need to feel your freshly facial-ed face. Constant contact with your face can irritate your skin; you’re also putting in a whole lot of bacteria—bacteria that promotes breakouts.

Don’t over exfoliate

Your skin changes on a weekly basis and with all that skin cell turnover, it needs to be exfoliated, but not too often.

Twice a week is optimal to maintain your aesthetician’s hard work. Your pores are kept clean in between facials this way. Don’t go in heavy handed with an exfoliator until a few days after your facial.

The facial already cleaned out your skin well enough. Over exfoliating can cause abrasions to your skin, result in rashes and promote blotchy spots on your face.

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Stay away from the sun

After a facial, your skin is most sensitive. Under no circumstances should you be out sunbathing after a facial.

The sun will cause your skin to burn and therefore peel, leaving you with discoloration and a very painful rash. After your facial, stay out of the sun as much as possible and wear a sunscreen of factor 30 and over. You must reapply during the course of the day as well.

A simple regime

The best tip for your skin is to not over complicate things. We seem to be looking for that magical concoction that will forever change our skin, but let’s face is, that’s not going to happen.

Take good care of your skin with the typical cleanse, tone and moisturize while throwing in a mask or scrub once a week. Wash your face every night and remove all traces of makeup. Drink lots of water and include raw fruit and veggies in your diet to give you that “I just had a facial” glow.

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