Spotted Skin: Avoid These 4 Acne-Causing Foods

Good things happen when you least expect it, but nature plays a cruel joke when a red-bulging dot appears on your face right before a big social event.

Acne can really bring down a person’s confidence, which leads to execution of mystical DIYs like, rubbing toothpaste, alcohol or worse using a pin to pop a pimple.

According to Canadian Dermatologist Association, 20 percent of Canadians have acne, and the numbers keep on increasing due to unhealthy lifestyle and bad eating habits. Acne is highly unpredictable, but you can limit its occurrence by avoiding some of the food groups.

Processed Food and Sugar

Sugar is the underlying cause of several health issues and needs to be consumed in moderation.

A study indicated that people who have acne had higher level of processed carbohydrates, than people with no or less acne problem. Bread, pasta, cereal, (any other white flour based product), white rice, sodas, maple syrup, etc. are all categorised as processed foods, and must be avoided.

Research indicated that people who consumed processed food in high quantity had 30 percent higher chances of acne development.

Consumption of processed carbohydrates increases insulin and blood sugar level, which leads to acne. Insulin stimulates the growth of androgen hormones and IGF-1, which contributes to the excessive growth of skin cell, resulting in acne and even sebum formation.


Dairy and Dairy-Based Products

It’s unclear if dairy and development of acne have a direct co-relation or not, but some studies have linked the two.

A study identified that young adults who consumed ice cream and milk on a regular basis increased their likelihood of acne development by 4-times.

Milk is known to increase the insulin levels, which plays a major role in acne development.

Apart from this, amino acids found in milk help liver produce IGF-1, a chemical known to cause acne problems.

Fast Food

Deep-fried oily food might seem delicious to your taste buds, but can wreck your skin.

This food group is not only rich in calories, but also rich in carbohydrates, sugar, oil, and fats.

A study conducted in China determined that consumption of fast food increased the risk of acne development by 43 percent. Fast food is already marked as an unhealthy food choice, that highly contributes to weight gain and obesity, which increases insulin levels, resulting in acne breakout.

Moreover, processed food used to prepare these highly oily foods also cause hormonal balance in your body, which can cause acne.

Foods You Should Eat

  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Food rich in probiotics
  • Green tea
  • Turmeric
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin A, D, and E
  • Paleo Diets
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables

Bottom Line

You can never go wrong by striking a healthy balance between healthy eating and good skin care regime.

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