Sagging Skin? Keep it Tight with These Tips

sagging skin

Do you miss your nicely-defined jaw line and cheek bones?

Somewhere in between work, home and life, your skin loses its elasticity and starts to sag. People accept it as a sign of aging; whereas, this sagging and de-shaping of the skin can be controlled with proper care and skin rejuvenation treatments.

Regain elasticity

With age, our skin loses its elasticity; it starts to sag and become lose around the bones. As soon as you hit puberty, your body stops producing elastin, an elastic protein that allows the skin to regain its shape after being stretched or compressed. You can prolong production of this protein by applying or consuming retinoid-rich products.

Improve collagen production

The best way to maintain your skin is to improve the collagen production in your body. Collagen is a growth and development hormone, which assists skin and bones by initiating cellular regeneration.

Increase the consumption of Aloe Vera, vitamin C, cilantro or collagen-based supplements to kick-start collagen production in your skin.

Protect your eyes

Sun can really damage your skin and cause early wrinkling around the eyes. Wear quality sunglasses and sunscreen, when out in the sun. And don’t forget to apply an under-eye cream, before you go to bed.

Sun damage

UV rays take a toll on your skin. Long-term sun exposure depletes the elastin present in your skin and lead to saggy skin. High sun exposure is also one of the leading causes of premature wrinkles. Generously apply sunscreen before stepping out in the sun.

Flush-out free radicals

Various toxins and free-radicals present in the environment enter your body and cause damage to the skin tissues. This leaves behind spots, marks, wrinkles and acne on your face. In order to prevent free-radicals from stripping away elastin from your skin, consume a lot of antioxidants.

Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C and A, green tea, and detox water are rich in antioxidants. Increase antioxidants supply to improve your skin health.

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Water is the best way to keep your skin hydrated. Drink 8–9 glasses of water every day to flush out all the free-radicals and maintain the moisture content in your skin.

Dehydration leads to patches and spot formation. Apply moisturizer daily to provide a protective moisture barrier to your skin.

Facial exercise

Improve the blood circulation in your face by practicing facial exercise like, kissing the sky, fish face, and sticking your tongue out. Facials and massages can also be used to exfoliate and moisture the skin in a better way.

Lastly, eat healthy and avoid smoking to maintain a nice healthy-glow on your skin. For organic skin rejuvenation and skin tightening procedures, head over to our medical spa in Calgary. We provide your skin with the care and pampering it needs to stay youthful and fresh for a long time. Call +1 403 680 2198 to schedule an appointment.