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Rosacea is a very common skin condition that which makes blood vessels in the face become visible and also causes redness. People with the condition often blush more easily than others and this is often a sign seen among people in which the condition is in its initial stages. In some cases, there are also red bumps filled with pus in addition to the visible redness of the facial skin.
Redness caused by rosacea is often seen around the nose and cheeks, however, it is possible to spread to the chin and even to the forehead. The redness and bumps may increase and become more prominent for months at a time and then disappear altogether. For this reason, the condition is often mistaken as an allergic reaction, or even a bad case of acne.

Who is at risk?

The condition can occur in anyone. However, it is most commonly seen in women with a fair complexion. But this does not mean that rosacea cannot occur in anyone else. If the symptoms of the condition are not controlled or treated, the center of the faces of people suffering from the condition permanently becomes red.
The condition has four different types, each of which has its own signs and symptoms from irritated eyes to thickened skin. These subtypes are:

  • which causes flushing and redness and makes blood vessels of the face become visible

  • which causes swelling, redness and pimples or bumps like acne

  • in which the skin becomes bumpy and thick

  • in which the eyes are affected and the eyelids can swell.

Unfortunately, however, the condition does not have any real cure which is why people resort to different treatment options to control and reduce the redness and other symptoms of the condition.

Treatment options

At Prestige Cosmetic Clinic in Calgary, we have several different treatment options for rosacea which we offer our customers and visitors. We offer safe laser therapy at our skin treatment clinic which can help remove visible veins and vessels from the faces of those who are affected by the condition—that too, without damaging the surface of your skin! With laser treatment of rosacea, not only will the redness of your skin be controlled, but you will also have clear skin for a considerable amount of time.
We also offer intense pulled light (IPL) treatment for our customers who are bothered by the redness on their faces and visible vessels and veins. Much like laser treatment, intense pulled light treatment involves heating the chromophores and structures that are responsible for causing redness and visible veins on the face.
In addition to laser treatment and IPL treatment, our professionals can help deal with rosacea with advanced facials done using natural products which are safe for the skin.

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