Rosacea: All You Need To Know


Rosacea is a skin condition that usually affects your face. It’s characterized by remissions and flare ups. It results in development of red patches on your skin and over time leads to issues like dry eyes and swollen eye lids.

How Does Rosacea Develop?

According to experts, the condition starts developing once a person turns 30. It starts with the person’s face turning red giving them a flushed appearance. Over time, the red becomes ruddier and the person’s blood vessels become visible.

Ignoring this problem only makes things worse because it results in development of pimples and inflammatory bumps. In men, it leads to a swollen nose. It also affects your eyes and makes them look bloodshot.

Who Is Susceptible To This Disease?

Rosacea can affect anyone, however; people who have fair skin are at a greater risk. Even though this problem is more common among women, however, men too are vulnerable to the disease. In fact, in case of latter, its symptoms are more severe.

There have been studies conducted to determine if this problem is genetic however, further research is required to determine that.

Effect of Rosacea

90% people have stated that rosacea has an impact on their self esteem and self confidence. Many of them have also stated that they avoid social interactions and public contact because of this problem.

It also has an impact on their professional interactions and many of them have had to miss work because of this condition.

However, the good news is that rosacea is treatable and majority of the people have reported that they feel a lot better about themselves after seeking medical treatment.

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What Causes Rosacea?

Dermatologists have not been able to determine the actual cause for rosacea however; there is adequate information available regarding its signs and symptoms.

Furthermore, you can recover from this ailment through medical treatment and lifestyle changes. You just need to make sure you see a dermatologist as soon as you detect the symptoms.

Signs of Rosacea

One of the signs of rosacea is persistent redness. People often mistake it for sunburn but unlike the marks caused due to excess exposure to the skin, it doesn’t go away after some time.

In addition to this your skin also starts tightening.  This happens because of the excess tissue. It also usually occurs around your nose. This does not occur in all cases but it’s quite serious and can lead to disfigurement.

In case you notice either one of these symptoms, you should get in touch with professionals immediately. At Prestige Health Group we are a cosmetic clinic based in Calgary and offer a wide range of treatment like microneedling therapy and botox. You can contact us at +1 403 680 2198.