Reversing the Ageing Process: Should You Get Botox?


Botox is one of the most popular and sought out forms of anti aging treatment. In the year 2016, according to statistics, it was the most performed non-surgical cosmetic procedure!

So what exactly is it about Botox that makes it such a hot favorite among those seeking to remedy the physical symptoms of aging?

What Makes It Popular?

The word Botox is used for a number of procedures, not necessarily restricted to anti aging. We however, are going to focus on the anti-aging aspect of the treatment in this blog.

Factors that make Botox such a popular cosmetic procedure include:

  • It is not painful and does not require the use of anesthetics
  • Results from Botox are quickly visible
  • It visibly makes your skin look younger by reducing creases and wrinkles
  • It is not super costly
  • It can be performed on various parts of the face (and even body)
  • There is no post procedure rest period
  • It offers a range of options in terms of the look you want—from Kardashian frozen to milder and more subtle results!

Do You Need It?

Sure Botox sounds like something worth looking into, but with respect to anti-aging a question to ask yourself is, do you really need it?

There are a few things to consider here, some of which we have shared below:

  1. Formation of furrow lines is a case where you may consider looking into Botox treatments. Though these form rather early in life, they become more distinct with age and at times increase in number.
  2. Crow’s feet, the lines that form on the corner of your eyes when you smile can also be eliminated with Botox. Again though these first become visible in your mid twenties, they deepen and increase in number with age. A big tell when it comes to guessing how old you are.
  3. Smoker lines or lines that appear around the mouth are another condition you could address with Botox. These lines are vertical and can form with age. They are more noticeable in smokers because of the repetitive muscle movements around the mouth when inhaling and exhaling. These are possibly among the most unappealing wrinkles to have.
  4. Eyelids or areas around the eye can also jelly roll. Simply put, these are extra layers of skin that form around the eye and start loosening. They can sometimes make it hard to open your eyes and most definitely put a major cramp on your smile.
  5. Symmetry has long been considered a sign of beauty. Sometimes with age, due to circulatory and hormonal imbalances, parts of our faces end up seeming more filled out than others. If this is indeed the case, Botox really helps bring back that original balance!
  6. If you have an affinity for lines and wrinkling or have skin that ages faster due to genetics, Botox could also be for you.


If after reading this article you feel you could use more information on Botox and the cosmetic procedures involving it, we can answer your questions!

Remember, like with any medical procedure, cosmetic or otherwise, always ensure that the clinic or Medi Spa you are getting your wrinkle treatment done from is reliable. Make sure you have the procedure done by a qualified professional and be weary of quacks and swindlers!

If you’re looking for Botox and fillers clinic in Calgary, check out our services! We have years of experience in carefully assessing our client’s skin conditions and administering Botox in a safe and effective manner!

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