Pre and Post Laser Hair Removal Care

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In recent years, laser hair removal has become more popular than ever. Both men and women prefer it because it’s safe and provides a long-term solution to unwanted hair.

The procedure leaves you with visible results, such as significantly less unwanted hair growth and fine hair production. The effect is more pronounced than any other conventional hair removal method.

Hair grows in phases, which is why multiple sessions are required to achieve the desired result. We’ve chosen the Syneron ELOS technology to provide effective and long-term hair removal. This medical-grade technology minimizes the duration of the treatment. However, the exact length of the procedure depends on the size of the target area.

Your safety and wellbeing is the first priority for us. This blog discusses important pre and post laser hair removal care.


  • 4 Weeks Before

We recommend avoiding exposing the target areas to harsh chemical treatments like bleaching. Hair removal creams, hot wax, and similar alternative methods of hair removal should be avoided too. Limit exposure to the sun because it can adversely impact the effectiveness of the treatment.

  • 1–2 Weeks Before

Avoid all forms of tanning including natural tanning, tanning creams, tanning beds, and so on.

  • 1 Day Before

It’s recommended to shave the treatment area 24 hours before your laser hair removal treatment begins.

Post-Treatment Care

Following a laser hair removal session, the treated area becomes more sensitive than usual. This is why it’s essential to take extra care of your tender skin during the first few days afterwards.

In case blistering or crusting occurs, avoid shaving the treated area for the next 1–3 days post-treatment. Until the treatment process is complete, steer clear of tanning beds, tanning creams, saunas, and hot showers.

Limit sun exposure and strenuous sports for 2–3 days following the treatment. Apply cold aloe vera or ice packs if the treated area appears red, swollen, and/or irritated.

Note: Laser hair removal treatment doesn’t usually produce side-effects. However, some people have experienced hyperpigmentation, mild blisters, temporary redness, itching, and swelling in the treated area.

At Prestige Cosmetic Clinic and Organic Aesthetic Spa, we offer safe and budget-friendly laser hair removal treatment in Calgary. We utilize the latest Syneron ELOS laser technology which protects the skin with its Contact Cooling Sapphire Tip during and after treatment.

Facial hair can be treated in as little as 10–15 minutes. Larger treatment areas like legs and the back take about an hour. The bikini area and arms require only 20–25 minutes.

Our repertoire of services includes affordable skin rejuvenation treatments such as microneedling therapy, microdermabrasion, and more.

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