Microdermabrasion Aftercare Tips To Follow

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While the term microdermabrasion may have a scary ring to it, it’s actually a gentle, fast, and non-invasive cosmetic procedure used to make your skin appear youthful and fresh.

Many of us are guilty of neglecting our skin and skipping daily facial cleansing rituals. The result? Tired and dull-looking skin that looks more aged than it needs to.

This is where microdermabrasion treatments come in. There are two main types: Diamond Tip Dermabrasion and Crystal Microdermabrasion. Both rejuvenate the skin quickly and both microdermabrasion treatments are available at Prestige Organic Aesthetic Spa.

Although the procedure itself doesn’t take long, taking around 15 minutes on average; the total duration of microdermabrasion treatment can vary from individual to individual.

Post-procedure care instructions should be followed strictly to achieve the desired results and maintain your wellbeing.


Microdermabrasion Aftercare Tips

The top 5 microdermabrasion aftercare tips include:

  • Limit sun exposure for at least a week. This is because exposure to UV rays can damage your tender skin. There is a risk of both hyperpigmentation and sun spots if you stay too long in the sun post-appointment. Of course, self-tanning is a big no-no too.
  • Moisturize your face with a rich moisturizer. After thoroughly washing your face, keep your skin well-moisturized for around 4–6 days after treatment. This will prevent excessive peeling and dryness.
  • Use sunscreen when you walk out the door. It doesn’t matter if is sunny outside or not, apply SPF to protect your delicate skin from harsh UV rays.
  • Avoid facial waxes for the first two weeks. Your skin is likely to be more sensitive than usual during this period and facial waxing can cause unnecessary irritation to it. To get rid of unwanted hair, consider something like laser hair removal as it has more permanent results.
  • Don’t put harsh chemicals on your face. If you have to use creams, use anti-inflammatory ones that soothe sensitive skin. You could also use cold compresses to help the slightly irritated skin heal faster.

Note: Prolonged redness post-treatment can indicate infection. Please contact your skin care specialist in case this occurs. Additionally, those who suffer from skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis should avoid microdermabrasion.

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