Get rid of patches caused by melasma with our effective treatment options

Melasma is an extremely common skin condition that affects countless people throughout the world. This condition causes dark spots and patches to appear on the skin. These patches are generally brown or grey and appear on the face more commonly than on any other part of the body.
If you or a loved one have suffer from this condition and are tired of covering the brown and grey patches on your skin with makeup then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out everything you need to know about melasma, the symptoms associated with it, the treatment options available at Prestige Cosmetic Clinic and Aesthetic Organic Spa and how the professionals at our skin treatment clinic in Calgary can help.

What causes melasma?

While the exact causes of melasma are unknown, it is expected that the condition occurs when melanocytes – the cells responsible for producing color in the skin – become hyperactive and start producing more color than they should. While the condition can affect nearly any type of person, it affects women aged between 20 and 50 and those with skin of color more than other people.

Even though the cause of melasma is unknown, it is triggered by certain factors. One of the most common triggers of melasma is sunlight. Excessive exposure to sunlight causes the melanocytes in the body to produce excessive amounts of color. This is one reason why melasma becomes more prominent during the summer.

Changes in hormones are also responsible for melasma. The condition is extremely common in women who are pregnant and could also be triggered by birth control pills and hormone replacement medication.
You could also experience melasma if you are allergic to certain skin care products or if your skin gets irritated easily when you use certain products. If you already suffer from the condition, it could get worse with certain personal care products.

Treatment options for melasma

At Prestige Cosmetic Clinic and Aesthetic Organic Spa, we offer our visitors and clients with three major types of effective treatment options for melasma making it the best spa in Calgary.

Laser therapy is the first treatment option available at Prestige Cosmetic Clinic and Aesthetic Organic Spa. Short beams of light are used in this treatment option. These beams of light are concentrated and directed towards the patches that appear on the skin to reduce their visibility. This does not only help make the patches less prominent and leave the kin youthful, but can also help with a number of other problems and conditions like scars and spots caused by acne and blemishes.

Intense pulled light is the second treatment option available at our clinic and is one of the most common melasma treatments in the world. Like laser therapy, beams of light are used in this type of treatment as well, however, the beams of light used in intense pulled light treatment are filtered to ensure that your skin does not come into contact with harmful wavelengths of light.

At Prestige Cosmetic Clinic, we also offer advanced facials using safe and natural products that can help your skin look bright and free of patches just like the good old days of your youth.

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