It’s Time To Prepare For Winter Skin

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The most anticipated time of the year, winters—well, mostly Christmas—is here. It’s the time for celebration, greasy and sugary treats, mugs of hot chocolate, and snow fights. In all these festivities, it’s easy to neglect your skin care regime and end up with acne breakout on New Year’s Eve.

In order to enter the new year with healthy-glowing skin, prepare for the winters beforehand.

Switch it up a bit

Your winter skin care regime will differ from your summer routine. It will require frequent moisturization in short interval, so keep a good moisturizer nearby. In addition to a quality body lotion, use a coconut honey mask to restore the lost moisture of your skin.

Avoid excessive cleansing

Oily skin during the summers calls for a deep cleansing routine, but in winter, your body is already running low on moisture. Avoid stripping the natural oil content of your skin.

Dried skin leads to dry patches and spot on the skin and with time, these dry spots harden and form wrinkles.

Sun protection

Although the sun might not be shining at its glory during the winters, apply a thick layer of sunscreen to minimize the detrimental impact of UV rays.

Winters is the ideal time to wear layers and trendy hats and scarves. You can protect your skin from sun damage in a fashionable way.

Quick showers

Steaming showers are a warm hug everyone needs during the winter, but this warm hug is squeezing the natural oil of your skin. Shorten the duration of your showers and slather your skin with nice body butter, after drying the skin.

Eat right

High sugar and carb intake increase the likelihood of acne breakout. You will definitely indulge in Christmas treats during the holiday season. Cut back on sugar and carbohydrate beforehand.

Wear gloves

Winters are accompanied with cough and common cold. Handshakes and tight hugs transfer germs and bacteria. Wear gloves to limit your germ exposure and avoid touching your face with infected hands. Wash gloves, hats and muffler with hot water to minimize chances of acne breakout.

Install a humidifier

Moisture present in the air dries out, when the temperature drops. Install a humidifier in your home to prevent dryness from impacting your skin.

Lastly, consume 8–9 glasses of water to provide natural moisturization to your skin. For additional care and pampering during winter time, schedule a skin rejuvenating treatment at Prestige Cosmetic Clinic and Organic Aesthetic Spa located in Calgary.

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