Say goodbye to eye wrinkles with our treatment options

Most people are not aware of the fact that wrinkles can affect people of every age. Experts even go as far as saying that wrinkles are only preventable for so long and they are essentially inevitable. While these ridges, folds or creases generally appear on the skin of people as they grow older, there are several other causes for eye wrinkles as well.
Want to learn more about eye wrinkles, their causes and the treatment options available in Calgary? Read on to find out everything you need to know about eye wrinkles and how they can be treated at Prestige Cosmetic Clinic and Aesthetic Organic Spa.

Why Choose Prestige Cosmetic Clinic for Botox®What causes eye wrinkles?

You might have noticed that older people have a lot more wrinkles than anyone else, however, most people do not know why this is the case. Eye wrinkles appear more commonly in people who are much older because of the decrease in the production of collagen in their bodies. This protein is produced abundantly in the body and is extremely important to maintain elasticity of the skin. As the years go by, the production of collagen in the body decreases which is why skin begins to sag. Consequently, age spots and other signs of aging including eye wrinkles start to appear on the body.
Age may be one factor, but it is certainly not the only cause of eye wrinkles. Eye wrinkles can also be caused by overexposure to sunlight without taking the right preventive measures and skipping the use of sunscreen.
Smoking also has the potential of contributing to eye wrinkles. Smoking regularly narrows the blood vessels in the outer layer of the skin which affects the flow of blood. As a result, vital nutrients and moisture do not reach your skin the way they should leaving your skin unhealthy and causing the signs of aging to appear more prominently.

How can eye wrinkles be treated?

At Prestige Cosmetic Clinic and Aesthetic Organic Spa, we offer our customers and visitors with three different types of treatment for eye wrinkles making it the best spa in Calgary.
Laser therapy is the first treatment option available at Prestige Cosmetic Clinic and Aesthetic Organic Spa. Short beams of light are used in this treatment option. These beams of light are concentrated and directed towards wrinkles to reduce their visibility. This does not only help remove eye wrinkles and leave the skin youthful, but can also help remove a number of other conditions like scars caused by acne and blemishes.
Botox and fillers are the second treatment option available for eye wrinkles at Prestige Cosmetic Clinic and Aesthetic Organic Spa. These fillers can not only help decrease the visibility of eye wrinkles, but they also leave your skin looking youthful and beautiful.
At Prestige Cosmetic Clinic, we also offer advanced facials using safe and natural products that can help your skin look bright and wrinkle free just like the good old days of your youth.

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