Embrace The Age With Anti-Ageing Treatments

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The Global Anti-Aging Market hit $250 billion two years back and expected to reach $331.41 billion by 2021 with a compound annual growth rate of 5.8%.

Advanced skincare treatments have enabled people to fight off signs of ageing. This has not only allowed individuals to maintain their facial features, but also transition gracefully into old age.

With widely available spa treatments offering anti-ageing services, only ones that understand the science that goes into aging and reversing it can offer beneficial treatments.

Here are a few anti-ageing treatments that can rejuvenate the skin for a youthful glow.


Some markers of ageing include sun-damage, flaky or scaly skin, and a bumpy surface. With the help of microdermabrasion, all these imperfections can be minimized.


The treatment involves a device which exfoliates trapped oil and vacuums flakes of dead skin. This smoothes out the skin’s texture and scrubs it leaving it feeling fresh.

This treatment is great for women hitting 50 because it refines the skin for a youthful softness through a completely non-invasive procedure.

Chemical Peeling

Anti-ageing really helps your skin turn over a new leaf.

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Through chemical peeling, the outer layer of the skin which is marred by brown spots and pigmentation is removed.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) is a mild chemical used to peel the top layer of the skin, revealing fresh, young skin underneath. Mixed with skin bleach, this chemical can work wonders in reducing discoloration and spots. Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) is another low-grade chemical used to treat face lines and surface-level acne.

Some level of skin soreness is expected after the treatment. It is advised to avoid direct sunlight until the skin fully recovers to reveal a youthful rejuvenation.

Injectable Fillers

Ageing causes our cheeks to sink in, our skin to sag and our eyes to recede in their sockets. This is because with youth coming to an end, the skin also stops producing collagen which compromises on our facial volume.

Injectable fillers work by restoring lost volume in the sunken places through injections. Hyaluronic acid facial fillers substitute for collagen by bringing back the young plumpness in the cheeks and around the chin. It also combines with the natural elastin present in the skin cells to tighten sagging skin.

The resulting look is a years younger ‘You’ with a fuller face and healthier skin!

Skin Resurfacing

As the name suggests, this treatment enables smoother and tighter skin to resurface with the help of non-invasive, laser treatment. A laser device is used to smooth out lines and creases and erase blemishes.

As the fractional laser penetrates the skin surface, the skin cells start producing collagen which leaves the skin looking healthy and young.

Are you ready to give your skin a youthful makeover?

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