Chemical Peel Treatment: How Often Should You Get it

chemical peel

“Moisturize your skin.”

“Just wipe off makeup with wet wipes.”

“Just apply an egg mask to your face.”

Do these beauty treatments sound familiar to you?

Unfortunately, no matter how many times we moisturize or apply organic products to our face, they only provide us with limited results. That’s not saying that they don’t work, but they don’t necessarily give your skin the pampering it really needs.

These only touch the surface—literally.

This means that they provide moisture to the outer layer of your skin, which is good but what about the inner layer? Your skin needs proper care and treatment. This means that it needs nourishment from inside as well.

This is where chemical peels come in.

What exactly are chemical peels and how do they help your skin? Here’s all you need to know:

What Are Chemical Peels?

Peels are special skin treatments that are used to improve the appearance of the skin. Different types have different effects on the skin. Depending on the skin type, some types of treatments show results almost immediately.

Chemical peels are masks that are applied to the face for at least 40 minutes. Once they have soaked the skin with the right chemicals (Alpha Hydroxy Acid or Trichloroacetic Acid—your choice), they penetrate deep into the skin’s inner layer, exfoliating and moisturizing from within.

peel treatment

Clogged pores have unwanted bacteria stuck between them and chemical peels help dissolve them.

This is effective because of the almost immediate results that show up after the application. But some people with severe skin damage may require more than one sitting. This will depend on whether you have a skin condition or not. It’s best to consult your dermatologist or GP first so you know you’re not allergic to Alpha Hydroxy Acid or Trichloroacetic Acid.

What makes chemical peels amazing are the instant results. Most patients don’t have side effects so you don’t need to worry about anything.

The chemicals thoroughly cleanse the inside of the skin, unclogging and treating the skin accordingly.

What Are the Benefits of Chemical Peels?

There isn’t any one perk to chemical peels, there are plenty. Some of these include, but are not limited to:

  • Eliminate dead skin cells
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Get rid of dirt from pore
  • Remove oil from the skin
  • Balance uneven skin tone
  • Help clear blemishes
  • Hydrate the skin

If you are looking for skin rejuvenation treatments in Calgary, check out your options and always seek services from reliable practitioners!

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