Celebrities Who Use Botox And Are Proud To Talk About It

scarlett johnson

Botox is a well-known way to get rid of wrinkles that surface the skin with age. As the years have gone by, Botox has become readily available to anyone who chooses to have it.

Gone are the days when it was a hush hush magical procedure that was followed by the biggest names in Hollywood. There’s no doubt that once you’ve entered this industry, you must live up to the expectations.

Celebrities are under the microscope every moment of their lives and are “meant” to look flawless. Many celebrities now admit to the use of Botox and don’t shy away from the subject. Here are some celebrities who have had work done.

Cindy Crawford

No doubt she is one of the most stunning faces to grace this planet, the model of the yesteryears has always been upfront about using such injectables.

Despite the fact that she owns her own skincare brand, there is only so much reversal of damage that creams can do. She commented on the fact that past a certain age, creams no longer work on the texture of the skin. To boost the elasticity of the skin, she uses Botox and collagen. Her naturally “glowy” skin can be attributed to clean eating, good hydration and an active lifestyle.

Kim Kardashian

Her last name is enough for you to know how genetically blessed she is. Her Armenian blood is the reason behind her perfect features, glossy hair and luscious lashes.


On her famous reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” she filmed one of her Botox appointments. Her insecurity with her skin is the minimal lines around her eyes. Despite the fact that she was only in her twenties when she began these procedures, she feels strongly about getting Botox.

John Mayer

John Mayer was diagnosed with a growth near his vocal cords which went on to be damaged as it enlarged. After his surgery, he was given a heavy dosage of Botox to completely shut down his vocal cords and let them heal.

myer john

He couldn’t speak for a while but eventually the treatment worked, and he got back his angelic voice we are so fond of hearing.

Jenny McCarthy

This ex-playboy model is still quite the stunner. Her classic features have been preserved with the help of Botox. She very candidly mentions that she gets little shots put in her forehead by her doctor.

mc carthy

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