A Calamity of Vanity and Sanity – 4 Tips to Stop Hair Loss

hair fall

You pass your hand through your hair and a bunch of strands come out with it. You utter a cry of shock and start imagining your future self, bald and insecure.

Hair fall – the bane of our existence; most of us have gone through the dreaded shedding phase one time or another.

We’ve all had days where we just woefully resign ourselves to the fact that thick tresses are most probably not going to be a part of our future. Our hair situation develops a direct hotline to our mood; the thinner our hair gets the fouler our mood becomes.

It’s quite normal to lose 50 to 100 strands of hair a day but excessive hair loss is usually a sign of concern. It means that there’s something going wrong and should be rectified as soon as possible.

Here are 4 tips to help you minimize hair loss and retain the volume of your hair.

1.     Ditch the high heat hair tools and chemical processing

Excessive heating can extremely damage your hair. It can make hair brittle, dry, and prone to breaking easily. It is better to curtail the usage of styling tools such as hair straighteners and curling irons. If you do use them then use a heat-protecting spray with it.

Chemical processing treatments, such as bleaching and dyeing, are also very dangerous to the health of your hair. It can cause damage to the hair shaft and cause hair loss. Don’t chemically treat your hair too much. If you do, then make sure you use deep-conditioning treatments once a week.

hair loss2.     Fix Your Diet

Eating processed and unhealthy food items such as junk food is not going to do your hair any favors. Get enough nutrients and minerals like iron, Vitamin B12, and zinc to boost hair growth. Also, include plenty of leafy greens, beans, and protein in your diet.

3.     Minimize Stress

A lot of times, hair loss occurs because we take too much stress. Getting highly anxious and nervous can increase the production of the hormone cortisol, which leads to a reduction in skin elements that are vital for hair growth. Make sure to avoid stressful situations and meditate and relax when you can.

4.     Consult a Professional

Sometimes, despite all efforts, no tip or natural remedy is able to cure hair loss. This is the time to consult a professional and get a hair rejuvenation treatment done to strengthen your weakened hair.

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