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Age spots are one of the most common cosmetic problems which people throughout the world face. Contrary to popular belief, age spots are not a problem which is limited to the elderly. As a matter of fact, people even in their thirties or forties can experience age spots.
Even though age spots can affect people regardless of their race or skin types, there are certain factors which contribute to age spots.

How do they appear?

Age spots are generally flat and may be black, brown or even tan in color. These spots of high pigmentation often appear on areas of the body which are exposed most to the sun including the face, upper back, shoulders, and even the back of the hands. Age spots can be anywhere between a few millimeters to half an inch and are most prominent when they group together.

Who is at risk?

As mentioned above, anyone regardless of their race, sex, or age can develop age spots. However, it is seen that age spots or liver spots are more common in people who:

What causes age spots?

Age spots are caused due to increased production of melanin. The reason why frequent exposure to sunlight may cause age spots is because the production of melanin is accelerated by ultraviolet rays. This increased production of melanin then appears as age spots. Age spots are also seen in areas where there is a high concentration of melanin.

Treatment options

We offer our visitors and customers several different treatment options for age spots making it the best spa in Calgary. We offer safe laser therapy at our skin treatment clinic which can help destroy the cells in your body which produce melanin—that too without damaging the surface of your skin! Laser treatment of age spots will not only help revitalize your skin, but will also ensure that you are not troubled by age spots for a long time to come.
We also offer intense pulled light (IPL) treatment for our customers who are bothered by age spots. Much like laser treatment, intense pulled light treatment destroys the cells of the body which produce melanin to ensure that increased pigmentation does not cause age spots.
In addition to laser treatment and IPL treatment, our professionals can help deal with age spots with advanced facials done using natural products which are safe for the skin.

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